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Station 4 Night Club

This is Dallas nightlife and entertainment at its best. S4 is one of the best dance clubs in Dallas and the country. A visit to our Rose Room Theater is a must.

Station 4 Night Club
3911 Cedar Springs
Dallas, TX 75219
Fax: 214.522.7836
Today's Hours: Closed
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Station 4 Night Club

The powerhouse nightlife experience that is Station 4 elicits exclamations of wonder from visitors from around the globe. From New York to LA, Paris to Barcelona, guests are stunned by the total entertainment package Station 4 delivers. Seven bars under one roof, each offering a different personality and friendly service. Entering from the lobby, you are met with the sight and sound of the stainless steel dance floor, the world class sound system, and the one of a kind light show that towers overhead and repositions throughout the night to deliver a total dance experience not soon forgotten. Switch gears and take in a show in the amazing Rose Room Theatre, a self contained performance venue like no other. Escape to the dignified VIP Lounge overlooking the dance floor, or visit the massive open air patio to hang out with friends. Located just north of downtown Dallas, Station 4 is surrounded by other venues, shopping, and fine dining. One thing is certain. Visit Station 4 once, and you will return.


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Station 4 Night Club