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Bliss Raw Cafe Organic Vegan Restaurant

Bliss Raw Cafe is a Dallas vegan restaurant. Our vegetarian food creates an organic, healthy, nutritional, and unique menu. Come try Bliss for one of kind dining.

Bliss Raw Cafe Preston Center
6005 Berkshire Ln
Dallas, TX 75225
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Bliss Raw Cafe & Elixir Bar

Bliss Raw Cafe welcomes you to a unique dining experience like no other in the DFW Metroplex. Bliss provides modern raw organic cuisine with a tonic superfood elixir bar.Bliss menu is raw, vegan, vegetarian, nutritious and delicious.Bliss takes pride in sourcing quality ingredients from local organic farms to create raw gourmet cuisine.

BLISS is the future of your health.Bliss the natural way of nourishing your body by incorporating raw food into your diet.

 "RAW" Raw food consists of unprocessed plant foods that have not been heated above 115 degrees. Research has shown that the long term benefits of including a variety of raw food in your diet includes better absorption of enzymes and nutrients, plus other health-enhancing perks like weight loss and feeling great.

"ELIXIRS" These are powerful nutritious and medicinal liquid cocktails.Bliss Elixirs are created by selecting the highest quality superfoods and blending them in a specific combination that support vital functions of your mind and body.

"SUPERFOOD" These are foods rich in phytochemicals which are known to have disease fighting properties. They may also lower the risk of chronic illness, increase longevity, strengthen the immune system, or contribute to a person being healthier.

Research has also shown that raw chocolate is one of nature's richest sources of antioxidants and it can  improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and support weight management. 

 Bliss Mission Statement:EAT CLEAN.EAT RAW.LIVE WELL.

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Bliss Raw Cafe