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Ferris Wheel Wide Angle
Jul 21

Bridget J Black

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Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Date: Saturday July 21, 2018
Address: 5360 Livingston Ave
Category: Arts / Exhibits
Pharmacology University is a company with more than 12 years of experience in educational systems focused on medicinal cannabis. We were born in Texas and since then we have had the challenge of transforming the social stigma of medicinal cannabis with the best tool in the world: Education.

Our educational products and consulting services have reached different states and countries such as Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, among others. During this wonderful journey we asked ourselves the question, "does society deserve a complete educational system that will prepare the leaders for this unstoppable industry?" We found the answer. Chronically ill patients need excellent growers, chemists, dispensary technicians, lawyers, doctors and entrepreneurs to help change the archaic cannabis laws and to help them improve the quality of their life. In addition to our seminars and consulting services, we now offer 5-week courses and an intensive master's degree program in cannabis science that will allow us to form and to prepare a group of professionals that will become the next generation of leaders for the medicinal cannabis space.