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Sep 19

Cover Stories: Bookface by Laura

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Time: 12:00 am
Date: Saturday August 3, 2019 through Sunday September 29, 2019
Location: Life in Deep Ellum
Address: 2803 Taylor Street
Category: Arts / Exhibits
My bookface portraits are inspired by my love for the printed word and my interest in exploring the book as physical object. As a librarian, first in a public library and then as the solo librarian at Fossil, Inc., I spent almost a decade surrounded almost daily by books, connecting their contents to the information needs of the patrons who visited my libraries. Books became one of the tools of my trade, very interesting and nuanced and often beautiful tools, but tools all the same. To watch a book cover blend into a
scene, to merge with its background and the model, takes me back to a moment in my librarian life when books were backdrop, the props of my daily working rituals.